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Tuning Forks

Tuning Fork therapy

Tuning forks are
used for:

The same conditions that acupuncture itself can treat, but without the use of needles, making them great for children.

All types of conditions can be treated with Tuning Forks, such as depression, eye disorders, stress, deep emotional stress, and trauma. Tuning forks can balance the hemispheres of the brain, useful for labor induction, withheld placenta, and much more.

In the 1590’s, German mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion, realizing planets moved around the sun in an elliptical orbit. This led to the theory that planets must vibrate in motion due to the amount of mass moving through space with a gravitational pull towards the sun (although the notion of gravitation was not fully understood until much later when Einstein theorized fully on this topic).

In 1978, Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Coustou continued this work in the laws of the cosmic octave: if planets move, they must vibrate, therefore creating their own unique Hertz frequency. Coustou mathematically converted the rotary cycles of the planets to hertz. and then came about tuning forks.

In theory we are all made of star dust – we come from the same elements and vibrating matter that sparked the creation of the universe.

We are 80% water as children, 70% as adults and 50% as elderly; sound carries greater through water than air, and our cells are aqua porous, meaning that water travels in and through every cell in the body.

The forks are the actual sound of the planets orbiting the sun, and on a cellular level our body remembers these sounds, creating a deep sense of belonging and relaxation.

This leads to the healing of emotional and spiritual scars that our cellular memory holds. Even if the mind pushes these scars to the subconscious, the cells still remember.

Needless to say, this is a very rewarding treatment: the soul feels lighter, and mind and body are relaxed.

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