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I would highly recommend Inner Harmony Acupuncture to anyone who is struggling with infertility. Lana is highly knowledgeable and over time is able to correct imbalances and deficiencies that could be preventing you from getting and/or staying pregnant. I saw Lana for weekly acupuncture sessions over the course of 3 months while trying to conceive and continued to see her weekly until the end of my first trimester. I found acupuncture to be extremely relaxing and found it helped to decrease my anxiety level and negative thinking. Lana is a very caring person who wants the very best for her clients. She often gave me recipes and other tips to help increase my fertility. I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far and definitely feel acupuncture helped our dream become a reality! Thanks Lana


Laura S-

March 9- 2015

Im super happy and thankful to Lana Unger for helping me solve my fertility problem... I'm super excited to see a positive result on my pt last friday may 02, 2015. I'll just tell a short story, me and my husband are having trouble getting pregnant for almost 3 years.. we seek help, and my obgyne give me clomid for the first 3 months,and it didnt work. We switch to Femara.. but I have a friend told me that acupuncture can help for my problem. I've search her online the best acupunturist in Nanaimo then I see her number and called her for an appt. She's very good and knowledgeable of whats she's doing and to make my story short, for almost 3 months that we are doing session I finally get a positive result.. now I'm still continuing my treatment for my baby to stick there in mommys tummy and I know Lana will make sure everything will be good.


Maricel Allen- Garbutt

After trying for over a year with no success, we decided it was time to seek help.It was important to me that I did what I could to help myself naturally without the aid of fertility drugs. I have always had very irregular cycles and knew that was part of the reason I was having a hard time becoming pregnant. I started to come see Lana in hopes of increasing my chances of fertility. After my very first treatment with Lana I noticed a difference in my cycles, they were becoming regular and consistent. And sure enough, a very short time later our dream came true and we became pregnant! The stress that comes along with fertility problems is very hard to deal with. I was so happy that I had Lana to help me deal with this as well. She kept me positive and was able to help me manage my emotions. She is loving and kind and has a true gift when it comes to helping others. I have gained a friend and I will be forever grateful for everything she has done for me so far!


Lisa Tatton –

6 Months Pregnant March 4/2015

After three years of trying to conceive (and after many tests, procedures, etc - in which they found no real reason why we were having such difficulty) my friend talked to me about acupuncture. I was a bit hesitant at first as this is not something that I would normally do. I was running out of options and decided that it couldn't hurt. From the moment I met Lana, she made me feel so comfortable and she was so easy to talk to. Lana is extremely knowledgeable and definitely 'knows her stuff'! I became pregnant after only about a month of acupuncture (along with some fertility treatments that I was going though for about 4 months). My doctor recommended I continue acupuncture throughout my first trimester and so I did just that. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and I am convinced Lana helped me get here:) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Unexplained infertility case


"Since being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in 2006 I had a gut feeling becoming pregnant would not be as easy as I wanted it to be. After over a year of trying, I began seeking alternative and natural avenues. I decided to try acupuncture and found Lana! I was so lucky to have found her as she is passionate and genuinely wants to help people! PCOS is a very stubborn thing but I decided to stick with acupuncture as I found it to greatly help with my symptoms, as well as, my mood, stress and back pain. I ultimately conceived using In Vitro fertilization but was encouraged by my fertility specialist to continue my acupuncture treatments. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier! I plan to continue acupuncture after birth and hope to further improve my PCOS symptoms. Thank-you for all you have done Lana!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Lana is a great acupuncturist! I have seen a couple in the past but none like her. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years. We were not ready to go the medical route yet, and so throughout the last year had both been seeing a variety of natural practitioners. When I went to see Lana the first time, I didn't have huge expectations to be honest but connected right away with her style and professionalism. I went back for a second treatment shortly after, when I was in the ovulation stage of my menstrual cycle. This was also a difference as all the other practitioners I had seen, avoided the ovulation time. I clearly remember her taking the pulse at one point on my foot and saying my body really wanted that point to be stimulated. Three weeks later I walked into her office and congratulated her on just how amazing she is at her job. After two years my husband and I were expecting our first child! I would recommend anyone go and see Lana!

Unexplained infertility

Kristen Cavey

Lana's facial rejuvenation treatments are amazing! super effective in reducing fine lines and lifting the skin, and also have an effect on the entire body,a perfect combination. I have been going for treatments regularly and notice a huge improvement in my skin. I will keep seeing Lana and would recommend her treatments to anyone. We are lucky to have a practitioner like Lana in Nanaimo.

Facial Rejuvenation


As a 25 year old mother of two, I was horrified and devastated to suffer uterine prolapse after delivering my second child. I wasn't able to get the support and direction that I needed from my doctor or midwife, and thankfully stumbled upon Lana's website. I booked my first treatment within a week or two of delivering my baby, and was blown away by the care and concern Lana had for me. Through acupuncture and various herbs, we were able to treat the prolapse and I am happy to say everything is back where it should be! -CT.

My 7 year old daughter has exhibited difficult and concerning behaviors since she was very small. Anxiety, anger, depression were all issues for her. Lana treated her with so much kindness and care that my daughter very much enjoyed her acupuncture sessions and keeps asking to go back. Things have definitely improved for her, and I am very thankful for the role Lana played in her life!

Family Care from Inner Harmony


Like many others I fail to acknowledge excellent treatment and service provided by a health practitioner for aches and pains.Two years ago after a long pain-free life I was hit with a loss of flexibility and pain in my hands, severe pain in my shoulders, pain in my back and legs – plus the resulting stress.Treatment was started with a Chiropractor, then a Physiotherapist, then Massage and Reflexology all of which failed to help.Then a Chiropractor in Duncan suggested Acupuncture. I located Lana Unger, a Registered Acupuncturist in Ladysmith. On my first visit I received a complete check up and information regarding this treatment.Lana suggested a senior package deal of five, one-hour sessions – at what I thought was a very reasonable cost.They worked wonders.My second package only required four further treatments, all lasting a total one month period, by the end of which I was back on the golf course and playing 18 holes PAIN FREE!

Acupuncture is the answer.

Jack London

Lana is very friendly and knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. She's an excellent listener, and genuinely cares about resolving your problems rather than treating just the symptoms.

Asking the right questions.


Lana Unger is both knowledgeable in her field and professional in her manner. She has helped me to find balance inside as well as relieving pain without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. I will continue to see Lana for my ongoing wellness and I now recommend my own family as well as my personal training clients to her.

Pill-free pain relief.

Heather Hughes, BCRPA Personal Trainer, Third Age & Group Fitness Instructor

“I have had bicipital tendonitis and tennis elbow for almost two years. Massage has not helped and my chiropractor suggested acupuncture. After one session with Lana it felt better. The pain lessened considerably and with each session it continues to improve. So glad I found Lana!”

Two years of pain better after first session

Sincerely, Jan

After trying on our own for two years, I decided to seek out acupuncture services for fertility. We had struggled to get and stay pregnant and this was a final, desperate effort at age 43. I was not sure what to expect as I have an intense fear of needles and was not convinced that something like acupuncture could “treat” infertility. But we decided to give it a try. And… after THREE weekly sessions, yes only THREE, I had a positive pregnancy test! Really! I continued to see Lana to “stay” pregnant and am happy to report that I am expecting this May. I returned to Lana during my pregnancy to address issues such as nausea (yes, that was also effective) and insomnia (again, very effective). I even returned when a specialist expressed concerns over a potential repeat experience of severe preeclampsia due to constricted arteries. And yes, after 3 sessions my arteries showed tremendous improvement. Lana listened carefully to the reports and concerns of my other medical practitioners and was effective at addressing these concerns. I came to Lana a skeptic, to be sure. However, I recognize now that there are some things that modern medicine just cannot handle. And Chinese medicine, and acupuncture in particular, is powerful medicine. I am deeply thankful to Lana and her work and am now a believer, and yes, am very much pregnant. Thank you Lana (and my husband of course) for getting me pregnant!

Acupuncture for fertility

Samantha Corrington

April 18th, 2010 Mrs. Lana Unger Registered Acupuncturist, Joint Venture Sports Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, Box 2452, Ladysmith, B.C, V9G 1B8 Dear Lana: I have the pleasure to write this letter to thank you ever so much for the care and attention you have extended, for the past several months, to my physical wellbeing through your professional treatments of acupuncture. For several years I have borne continuous pain afflicting my right leg extending from the foot to the muscles surrounding the posterior buttock. The condition affected other physical body functions also resulting in associated pain.I am so pleased that my medical practitioner, who is an M.D., advised me to attend to your clinic! I would also add that for many years I was a Provincial Coroner in and for the Province of B.C. Having viewed many medical charts I am reminded, that physical health is so important to the health of all persons…..failure in physical health leads to many ailments which leaves patients devastated by the combined affects. Thank you again, Yours truly,


Maurice J.Cherneff,

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