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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page:

  • What is the difference between a Registered acupuncturist and a person who offers Dry Needling (Medical acupuncture)

A registered acupuncturist is governed by the CTCMA in accordance with the health professions act of BC, they have 3200 in class hours of training, as well as 3 years clinical training under supervision of a Doctor of TCM and acupuncture. Most have 5 years training!

Medical acupuncture offered by various providers have limited in-class training, usually 4 days training, and no practicum or supervision by a person of expertise. Only allowed by the provincial government standards for joint mobility issues and have no training in treating illnesses or preventing illness.

Gunn IMS training is a 4 day course with a 3 day practicum (Google Gunn IMS for more info).
Acupuncture Foundation Canada Institute (AFCI) training is a 100 hr course for part 1 and 100 hr course for part 2 (Google AFCI education for more info).
The main difference here is the amount of education and training Acupuncturists hold versus Dry Needlers.(Medical Acupuncture)

RCMP/ DVA/ VAC- Members covered by Blue Cross and do not pay for treatments:
RCMP receive, as of Jan 1st 2014, a new combined $4800.00 per calendar year for Acupuncture, Chiropractic services, Massage and Physio covered by Blue Cross. The only thing required of you is to fill out a short section of paper work for Blue Cross and we bill Blue Cross directly for your treatment.
DVA- 15 treatments allotted per calendar year. Only a short section of paper work to be filled out.
VAC- 15 treatments per calendar year covered by Blue Cross.

MSP Coverage
If you make $30,000 and under you receive $23.00 per treatment for 10 treatments, you will be required to pay us for our services and we send your statement in online for your reimbursement.

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