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Facial Rejuvenation

Woman receiving facial rejuventation acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Benefits:

Facial rejuvenation treatments increase facial tone and give more radiance to the skin.

Sunken areas will flesh out, sagging areas will become more toned, fine wrinkles will disappear and deep wrinkles will be reduced in depth.

It promotes a general sense of well being, increased self worth and health and it is BOTOX free, with no down time so you do not have to miss work, infact you can have this done on your lunch hour!

How does it work?

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture focuses on you as a whole. Physiognomy or (Facial reading) determines a certain facial archetype, which shapes specific personality traits and organ deficiencies which lead to emotions most felt by the individual. Physiognomy will determine your element, either Metal , Earth, Fire, Water or Wood.

These elements control different emotions, and when the patient becomes energetically imbalanced in those organs over time will cause extreme of the 5 Emotions in Chinese medicine:


Wood- Liver out of balance = Anger


Fire- Heart out of balance = Over joy


Earth- Spleen out of balance = Over thinking or pensiveness


Metal- Lung out of balance = Sadness


Water- Kidneys out of balance = Fear

I will with each individual, constitutionally diagnosis the patient to strengthen the bodies qi, and slow aging in the way of your constitutional deficencies (strengthening the bodies energy.)

As well as addressing the spirit and emotional aspect of healing, it is always a safe and respectful emotional environment. You are able to release stagnant emotions and never be judged, freeing cellular memory from the family line, and old traumas from the body.

After 3-4 treatments I start to address emotional and spiritual scars through the spirit points and working with extraordinary points that connect us to our ancestral line on a cellular memory level. This is the level when you start to shine, once the cellular memory is released you are not not wearing your suffering or emotional pain, we can bring the full body spirit and physical being back into alignment.

I offer a complete line of organic herbal cleanser, masks of Chinese herbal medicine that are muscle strengthening herbs, heated with a warm gel mask.

Then a cool egg white with pearl powder facial astringent ,ended with a organic moisturizer… as always a facial jade roller then a spritz of Rose water…that’s how you know your done!

I expect that you will be refreshed and very relaxed!
Body, Spirit and Soul.


Things to know:

Not during pregnancy, cancer, tumors, pacemaker or serious heart conditions.

If you have active migraines we need to address this first before beginning facial treatments. Smokers need a minimum of 20 treatments.

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