Master Teresa Qi Gong course at Inner Harmony

This is a rare chance to learn from a generational Master!

February 20th 2015, 12:00-1:45

Register online, on Master Teresa's website, or pre pay at the office $35.00 by Feb 13th 2015.

Limited space available so book now!


Season of the lung:

Dampness is in the air this time of year so we need to start thinking about our lungs. In Chinese Medicine fall is the season of the lung this means common colds are starting to make their way around and we need to prevent this from happening.

1- Keep your childs feet covered with socks and runners, flip flop and crock season is over, it is easy for a child to absorb damp and coldness through the feet, this will cause a chill and illness will follow.

2- Keep lower backs covered and warm to protect kidney energy.

3- Start adding some Barley into your weekly diet, as this drains dampness from the body.

4- If you do get sick,or your child ,the very first thing before any medicine should be to wrap up in a few blankets until you start to sweat keep this up for a whole day and by the end of the day the cold will be gone. We need to get the damp coldness out of the body by sweating as the layer between skin and muscle is the most superficial and where cold enters first we must pull the cold out of that layer by sweating.

5- Ginger tea with green onions for garnish with honey to taste is a natural tea to drink while wrapped up, it helps to eliminate wind and cold, Ginger warms the body and eliminates cold from the inside out along with sweating is the first thing to do , do not fight the fever work with it, it is happening for a reason and we do not always need Tylenol or Ibuprophen, which are both very hard on the liver. Try this natural remedy, work with your fever to sweat the cold out!

Your body is your teacher , learn from it by listening to it.

Happy almost Fall everyone, Lets start preventing flu's and colds, increase your immune system with:

Oil of Oregano,

4000 I.U of liquid vitamin D, 

Vitamin C 

Multi vitamins.

Lana R.AC