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What is the difference between a Registered acupuncturist and a person who offers Dry Needling (Medical acupuncture)

A registered acupuncturist is governed by the CTCMA in accordance with the health professions act of BC, they have 3200 in class hours of training, as well as 3 years clinical training under supervision of a Doctor of TCM and acupuncture. Most have 5 years training!

Medical acupuncture offered by various providers, have limited in class training, usually 4 days training ,no practicum or supervision by a person of expertise. Only allowed by the provincial government standards for joint mobility issues and have no training in treating illnesses or preventing illness.


Gunn ims training is a 4 day course with a 3 day practicum. (google Gunn IMS) for more info.Acupuncture foundation Canada institute (Afci): Is a 100 hr course for  part 1, and 100 hrs for part 2.(For more info google Afci education. The main difference here is the amount of education and training Acupuncturists hold vrs Dry Needlers.( Medical Acupuncture)



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RCMP/ DVA/ VAC- Members covered by Blue Cross, and do not pay for treatments:

RCMP receive as of Jan 1st 2014, have a new combined $4800.00 per calendar year for Acupuncture, Chiropractic services, Massage and Physio covered by Blue Cross, the only thing required of you is to fill out a short section of paper work for Blue Cross,we bill Blue Cross directly for your treatment.

DVA- 15 treatments allotted per calendar year, only a short section of paper work to be filled out.

VAC- 15 treatments per calendar year covered by Blue Cross.

MSP Coverage

If you make $30,000 and under you receive $23.00 per treatment for 10 treatments, you will be requires to  pay us for our services and we send in your statement online for your reimbursement.